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The Oscars.

Monday, March 8th, 2010

For pretty much the first time ever, I watched The Oscars in their entirety. Here are some random notes I made to myself.

Steve Martin
As Doug once put it: “Steve Martin is the last true Gentlemen”. Let’s not kid ourselves, Steve Martin has more than a few terrible movies to account for, but he will always get a free pass in my book.

This is not a joke.
What is an Avatar?

I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski.
Jeff Bridges is The Dude. The Dude is Jeff Bridges.

“Screws fall out, Sir. The world is an imperfect place”
Incredibly happy to see the John Hughes tribute/reunion of various casts.

This is a long telecast.

Alec Baldwin.
Makes me laugh.

Guilty Pleasure.
The film which won her an Oscar is a tad bit different from what I am talking about, but if you sit me in front of a romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock. I will watch it. I don’t care if you judge me.

Sony Digital Book Reader.

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

This past Christmas season, Santa brought my friend Rick a fancy new Sony Digital Book Reader, so I asked him to write up a few thoughts about it.

Here is what Rick had to say on the matter:

Review: The Sony PRS – 600 Digital Book Reader

The first thing you notice about the Sony eBook Reader is the screen: charcoal floats on a smoke-grey background and the brilliant white page we’re familiar with is strikingly absent. The advantage to this “e-ink” technology soon becomes obvious as the eye-strain that comes from a backlit monitor simply doesn’t occur. It’s also possible to read in bright sunlight but, unlike your laptop, a lamp is required to read in a darkened room. Let’s face it though; a lamp is required for reading dead-tree books as well and not many of us curl up in bed to read a good book on our laptop. Paper and ink books may never go the way of the vinyl record but eBook readers are not going to disappear either


The Canada Post.

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Lots of weekends ago my alarm went off and the CBC woke me up with the smooth calm voice of Stuart McLean and the The Vinyl Cafe. They were broadcasting from a theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was the usual Vinyl Cafe material, stories and music. Stories about Winnipeg and live music from The Weakerthans — They played “I Hate Winnipeg”.

It was beautiful.

Listening to this, I was filled with an enormous sense of Canadian Pride and felt like I was experiencing something true and pure. It was nice. But unexpected. My Mother was born in Winnipeg. My Grandfather built a home for his family from trees hewn by his hand and made into workable lumber.

I thought I was going die in Winnipeg once while camping (oddly, not far from where the old family homestead still remains). That same trip I also lost my bank card.

What I lost in a bank card, I made up for in Barbeque Sauce Talk . . . as the fellow working the PC Financial Kiosk was also the inventor, marketing department, and chief salesperson of his own Barbeque Sauce Company. He wrote some other recipes on blank bank statements. I tried one once. It did not disappoint. Winnipeg isn’t all bad.

It is hard to describe Canada. Even more so to describe what it is you really love about Canada. (without using words like Healthcare and Poutine) Try it.

I love it, and I am satisfied leaving it at that.

This morning, Tom Allen on CBC Radio 2 was interviewing a young fellow from St. John’s . . . about . . . St. John’s. I have not been there. But I know I already love it and would be excited to move there — based solely on the words I heard this morning. To be honest, I don’t recall if they were speaking about St. John or St. John’s, but either one would do as far as I am concerned. Bill can talk to me all he wants about living in Nashville but I know I won’t have the same warm and good internal reaction (Although I do not doubt Nashville is a nice place in its own right).

Someone once asked me who my favorite Canadian was. Without hesitation I answered: John Candy, Terry Fox and Bill Mason. I added Douglas Coupland and Bobby Orr just in case I needed alternates. You see. The question was “Who is your favorite Canadian”. One person. I immediately thought I should choose three, a forward line just in case these people were needed for a hockey game.