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Saturday, December 4th, 2010


Forgive me but I’m going to show my age a little here. Today, after work, my girlfriend and I went for coffee. Wondering why we were navigating hundreds of people and why everyone in Natas was ordering hot chocolate, we realized it was the Santa Clause Parade. So, hand-in-hand, we decided to drink our coffees outside and watch (cute). With all this holiday joy building up inside of me, and in the true spirit of the season, I decided to respond to an email my mom sent me asking what I would like for Christmas. As I sat down to write my list, I was stumped…. What do I want for Christmas?

In my wildest dreams, this baby would be sitting on my counter, AND, due to its portability, in my boat:

What is it? Only the coolest thing imaginable! A manual, steam-punkish, espresso machine! BLAM! Amazing!!

Drop me a line! What do you want for christmas? Think big! This is the internet, any good samaritan may decide to buy it for you! (right?!)