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Friday, December 18th, 2009

Since my workplace is a mere 1.8km’s from my house (3.6km round trip) I choose to ride my bicycle (because bicycles are the best) or walk (when the snow becomes too much) to work. It’s no big deal. You do what you do and I’ll do what I do. Right?

What I have noticed on my morning and evening commutes, is the increasingly visible lack of patience and respect displayed by a wide variety of motor vehicle drivers. Little regard is not only shown to cyclists and pedestrians, but to other motorists as well.

When you begin to spend enough time outside of a car, you start to realize just how insane car travel can appear . . . even in a small town such as ours.

This week, I have been honked and yelled at simultaneously, on two occasions. Once as a pedestrian (this morning) and once as a cyclist. Both times I was obeying all laws of our land pertaining to mobile pedestrians and cyclists.

I was honked and yelled at simply because each respective honker and yeller was too impatient to wait an extra 3 seconds (literally, there was a difference of seconds at sake).

We can frame this in all kinds of ways. We can debate the issue of shared usage of public roadways and sidewalks . . . but none of that will create an excuse for bad manners and rude behaviour.