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Friday, November 11th, 2011

At first you are going to think to yourself “This video isn’t that great” . . . Then your mind will be blown.

She is my Rushmore, Max.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


Monday, June 6th, 2011

Five Oceans Race.

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

For those of you who haven’t heard, there is a grueling solo round the world race happening RIGHT NOW! This is also the most intense (exciting) part of the entire 30,000 nautical mile race, as they are racing around Cape Horn, some of the most dangerous water in the world. This is the longest “single-handed” event in the world, with the sailors clocking 3,000 hours alone at sea. The Canadian skipper, Derek Hatfield, is currently in 3rd place, but catching up on second place with less than 20 NM between them. He is the oldest contestant at 57 years old! Check it out!

They compete in 5 stages. They started on October 17th, 2010. With technology as it is, they keep up blogs in visual, auditory and written forms, with frequent updates as to their whereabouts. WOW!


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I got a few rolls of film back from the lab this week . . . or maybe it was last week. Regardless, these were extra special rolls, as I had believed them to be lost forever. Until I found them in the most random of places. That was nice.

Most of the photo’s are being used for something other than this website, so I won’t be pulling together a Photoblogjammin’ post with them, but here are two leftovers:

Nikon F80.
Fuji 800.
f2.8 1/30

This was a quick snap I made in Jaco’s studio. He had invited me to over to help out on a day he was making some new screenprinted . . . prints. When I arrived, he had already laid down a number of colours but still had a few to go.

It was fun toting around his space, basically doing anything he needed me to do. I was making some photograph’s along the way and was being rather liberal with my shutter finger as I was headed out to see the Tour de France afterward and had a fresh roll of Illford 400 in my bag — and wasn’t keen on shooting 800 colour film later on.

I love hanging out at Jaco’s, there are more interesting things lying about than you would ever have time to look at.

I was mainly capturing the small knife and the ashtray here. Again, just a simple, quick snapshot.

Exposure not recorded.

This day was a nice day. My Lady Friend and I rode bicycles across what seemed like most of Holland, when really we didn’t leave the Den Haag city limits. We rode around, looked at a bunch of stuff . . . ate some Patats. Ice Cream and ended up at the beach.

It was such a nice day. Hot and sunny and the beach was dead. The weird thing is, even when the beaches are dead, you can still count on seeing a bunch of naked Euro dudes and ladies working on the all-over tan or playing badminton.

Old sun-dried Wangs aside, our little setup here was perfect. Lying in the sand, napping, enjoying some beers and looking at the sea. We stayed like this for awhile.

Of course, the photo I was trying to make here was nothing more than the horizon with a boat and some people off to the side. I looked up, saw it, snapped it. No big deal.

Ben Tyne is on a Boat!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

So Ben Tyne came into owning a sailboat over the course of the summer . . . It currently sits dry-docked at a Marina on the river, just a shade outside of town. We were out cycling one day and made a point to stop by and check it out.

Knowing nothing about sailing, the sea, or mermaids — I can only suggest that Ben’s sailboat is a worthy vessel, as it looked awesome to me.

The highlight, however, was happening past another dry-docked boat, which had a for sale sign attached to it. I want to meet this sign’s creator. I have a couple of questions:

On a Boat.

Monday, September 13th, 2010

—Via Ben Tyne! More here.

Thoughts Abroad.

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Relatively speaking, there are many other places on earth for a Canadian to experience culture shock than in Central Europe . . . for as many differences, there are certainly a lot of overlaps. Like, no one here has heard of Justin Bieber, but everyone knows Lady Gaga — you know what I am talking about.

Here is a random list.

+++ I am currently listening to a Montreal band I was turned on to by a Dutch friend. I live closer to Montreal than he does. He probably doesn’t even know who the Expos were, let alone what Baseball even is. Just kidding Jaco, we went to a baseball game together last night, remember? True story.

Jaco also put me onto a Toronto based band as well, so I am pretty well out of touch with whats happening, musically, in my own backyard.

+++ Trains. European trains, plus local public transit feature the best system anywhere on the planet.

However, It is quite common, when hopping trains, making transfers, etc, that as a foreigner you will — I repeat, will — hop the wrong train eventually.

You will have a slight moment of panic, but here is some advice I can pass along to you: Like Colquhoun’s theology, pretty much all trains eventually lead to the same place. So don’t sweat it.

Also, when you screw up your ticket, pay the wrong fare, forget to get your ticket stamped in one of the machines at the station and the conductor comes along, as they always will. It’s best to put on your best “tourist” face. Play the tourist card heavily in this situation. Grace will abound.

Oh, here is another tidbit about trains. Sometimes the train you are riding toward your destination will actually split apart at a train station, and you will be left sitting in the section of cars that won’t be moving ahead, but will be returning in the direction you came and then off to somewhere else.

An announcement will come over the PA telling you to make sure your are in the right train cars if you want to continue on to destination “X”. But those instructions will be in French, Dutch, German or Italian. So whatever, enjoy the wrong train. Ha.

+++ Shelf toilets. If you ask some locals, there is a good, detailed and gross reason for the shelf toilet, but mostly they are a damned nightmare.

+++So the sea or ocean (in the North) might be cold and unswimmable, but European beaches are pretty much the best ever.

+++More Train Thoughts. Schedules. Train schedules are a serious thing. Trains, as it has often been said for one reason or another, do run on time. I can’t figure this out . . . Since I have experienced lengthy delays while on a train. One time the train hit a cow.

I don’t know how the train stations account for the delays and make sure everything runs on time.

The first time I was in Europe, I had a Euro-rail book full of train schedules. Since I can be skeptical of time schedules put in print months ahead, I asked a train official in Munich if my train (which was leaving the next morning) would actually leave the station at the time suggested. I asked: “Will this train be late?” — I’m still not sure why I phrased my question like that.

His response: “Sir, that would be impossible” Awesome.

+++Beer. Here is a finding from a menu I came across last week: Bier: €2. Water: €5. Enough said.

More later?


Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Are you someone who works in the travel industry?

If so. Let’s talk.


Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I am not ruling out Barber School as a life option. Not a joke — but a retirement plan.

Picture 25