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Safe-cracking with Bruuks – Part 2

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Sometimes in life the thrill is in the chase, not the catch.  In this case, the thrill was in imagining the possibilities of what could possibly be hidden in this safe.  Treasure, jewels, someone’s will, old photos, hockey cards from the 50’s, shares in Apple circa 1984, a gold brick, a hidden picaso or group of seven.   In the end, the success of breaking into the safe was all that there was to celebrate.

Safe-cracking 101 with Bruuks

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

This Christmas will mark my 4th year in my house.

Before I bought it, I did a bit of a home inspection walk-through with my dad.  In the basement, in the workshop he noticed a small round piece of steel on the floor, which looked like it was covering something, like a floor drain.  He lifted it to have a look, and we were both surprised to notice a dial.  There was a safe built into the floor.

We replaced the cover and said nothing more.

I waited until after I moved in to contact the previous owner to inquire about the combination for the floor safe.  They had no idea there was even a safe, and told me that if there was anything in it, I could have it. (more…)