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Your New School.

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Here is a Kijiji link to my old public school which is for sale. $415,000 seems inexpensive for a school. It would be a great site for an art collective . . .

Here is what I can tell you about this school:

+ It used to feature two baseball diamonds, one basketball hoop and a long jump pit.

+ The local tobogganing hill is right behind it.

+ I can totally get on the roof.

+ I am personally responsible for one broken window (from street hockey) but saw windows being broken, on at least three separate occasions (also from street hockey).

+ This school, and the curb out front was one of our two local skateboarding spots. Roughest pavement one could skate on. It was the “good” spot.

+ There is no gym. “Gym” was held in the basement (We went outside in the warmer months), which is little more than a small room with four posts in it. Gym class consisted of directional running around the posts.

+ When I attended the school in,  it only went up to the third grade.

+ They used the old School Bell all the time.