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Dear Photograph.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Dear Photograph is a wonderful site which employs a great concept, you’ll like it . . . Many thanks to Bren for sending this through.

Go Here.


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Staying on track with the days Mashup theme . . . Good posted a link to some rather remarkable ‘then and now’ images of Amsterdam. Not your usual juxtaposition of images, but a seamless integration of the two. Good explains:

Jo Teeuwisse is a historical consultant and, apparently, a Photoshop genius. Her work involves taking photos of Amsterdam during the 1940s and then superimposing them on modern photos. The results are these amazing, ghostly collisions of past and present.

View the project here.

Poor Life Decisions. Iceland.

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Sometimes we make poor life decisions. Take this one for example: One day, Nathan Colquhoun messages me and says something to the effect of: ‘Hey, a bunch of us bought really inexpensive tickets to Iceland. We also rented a cottage nestled at the base of a dormant volcano . . . would you and your Lady Friend like to come along?”

Ten or so days in mid-October and we were way too busy at the Studio to pull it off.

Looking back, or more appropriately, looking at Nathan’s Iceland footage, it was a poor decision. When someone says “Hey, would you like to go to Iceland”. Say yes.

Lesson learned.

Music by Rah Rah – Tentacles
Footage by Nathan Colquhoun and Stephanie Oullette
Everything was shot on 5d Mark II with 17-40mm or 35mm

More Iceland Pictures can be seen here

Glen E. Friedman.

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Glen E. Friedman is responsible for some of my favorite photographs of all time. It’s amazing how many places he found himself, whilst holding a camera. Skateboarding. Punk Rock. Hip Hop.

Fecal Face posted up a great recent interview, read that here.

Well, I see it more as fine art. I mean, I am documenting the moment, but there are many other people doing it at the same time. Or several others, and sometimes now it’s many, now it’s insane, but I think the difference is that I’m trying to tell the story of the whole night within 1/60th of a second or 1/500th of a second, and capture some energy, some intensity, some integrity, some character, composition like no one else. I think that’s what separates me; I’m not just there fucking shooting like an idiot, trying to document the moment, not at all, and I never have been. What I shoot has always been a big part of my life—I’m not a voyeur. I’m shooting things that mean something to me, that mean a lot to me. I’m not doing it on assignment, I’m doing it because it’s what I do, it’s what inspires me, that’s why I do it.

Buy Glen E. Friedman books here.

Test Press. Stills.

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

A few weeks ago I posted a small video project I have been working on with local Letterpress Hero, Jackson Creek Press. The project remains ongoing . . . In meantime, here are some photographs made during an evenings of filming in the Jackson Creek shop.



Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I got a few rolls of film back from the lab this week . . . or maybe it was last week. Regardless, these were extra special rolls, as I had believed them to be lost forever. Until I found them in the most random of places. That was nice.

Most of the photo’s are being used for something other than this website, so I won’t be pulling together a Photoblogjammin’ post with them, but here are two leftovers:

Nikon F80.
Fuji 800.
f2.8 1/30

This was a quick snap I made in Jaco’s studio. He had invited me to over to help out on a day he was making some new screenprinted . . . prints. When I arrived, he had already laid down a number of colours but still had a few to go.

It was fun toting around his space, basically doing anything he needed me to do. I was making some photograph’s along the way and was being rather liberal with my shutter finger as I was headed out to see the Tour de France afterward and had a fresh roll of Illford 400 in my bag — and wasn’t keen on shooting 800 colour film later on.

I love hanging out at Jaco’s, there are more interesting things lying about than you would ever have time to look at.

I was mainly capturing the small knife and the ashtray here. Again, just a simple, quick snapshot.

Exposure not recorded.

This day was a nice day. My Lady Friend and I rode bicycles across what seemed like most of Holland, when really we didn’t leave the Den Haag city limits. We rode around, looked at a bunch of stuff . . . ate some Patats. Ice Cream and ended up at the beach.

It was such a nice day. Hot and sunny and the beach was dead. The weird thing is, even when the beaches are dead, you can still count on seeing a bunch of naked Euro dudes and ladies working on the all-over tan or playing badminton.

Old sun-dried Wangs aside, our little setup here was perfect. Lying in the sand, napping, enjoying some beers and looking at the sea. We stayed like this for awhile.

Of course, the photo I was trying to make here was nothing more than the horizon with a boat and some people off to the side. I looked up, saw it, snapped it. No big deal.

Hells Angels.

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Bill Ray and writer Joe Bride spent weeks with the Angels on an assignment for LIFE, chronicling bikers and their equally rowdy girlfriends leading lives that — at the time — were as foreign to most of the magazine’s millions of readers as the lives of, say, headhunters in Borneo, or shepherds of the Gobi Desert. “This was a new breed of rebel,” Ray told, recalling his time with the Angels. “They, of course, didn’t have jobs. They despised everything that most Americans pursue — stability, security. They rode their bikes, hung out in bars for days at a time, fought with anyone who messed with them. They were self-contained, with their own set of rules, their own code of behavior. It was extraordinary.”

This 1965 collection of Hells Angels photo’s will be worth your time.

View them here.

Holga D.

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Rather jazzed on this digital Holga concept.

Even though it’s a digital camera, it retains the qualities and simplicity of the original Holga camera and brings back the joy and delayed gratification associated with good old analog photography.

Read the full deal here.

Captured in America.

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Caleb passed this link along some time ago and I shuffled it away.

Rather spectacular photo archive here, one that is well worth your time to scroll through.

I can’t really describe the impact of some of these images . . . on the surface, I felt as if I was looking at a Steinbeck novel.





See the whole archive.

Not For Me.

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Picture 9

I leafed through this book at Jaco’s a couple of weeks ago . . . I barely made it to page 34. Try to make it farther.

Learn more about the book here.