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Good Things.

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Here is a list of Good Things which I have taken note of lately:

1. Antlers. Hospice.
Two good friends from different sides of the world were telling me how good this record was at nearly the same time. Which goes to show you, love for this album is universal and knows no geographic or cultural bounds.

2. The Gaslight Anthem. 59 Sound.
I slept on this album for a while. During the summer, every Huizenga kid was smiling about the 59 Sound, telling me how good it was. Take note: When a Huizenga tells you something is good, it will most likely be worth your while. I’m going to say it . . . this band falls nicely in the rock and roll alleyway somewhere between Social Distortion and Lucero. While, I’m not making any blatant comparisons, I think that is a fair reference point.

Gmoney. How can you not accept that this is at least halfway decent?

3. Fucked Up. Chemistry of Common Life.
People have already said everything which needs to be said about this record. So. Good.

4. Manny. Modern Family.
Being a fan of British television + Arrested Development, the bar for situational-based comedy on television has been set enormously high. My sister tipped me off to a current American show called Modern Family. Since I like to laugh, and revel in things which are funny, I have become a big fan. No weak links in this cast. Manny, pictured above, is the most well-written and funny tv kid since Rudy Huxtable.

5. Tom Haverford.
To continue from #4, Parks and Rec has crept into our regular viewing rotation as well. At first I was drawn in by Aziz Ansari’s role as Tom Haverford . . . but like some other shows I have come to enjoy, it’s hard to pick out a favorite character. Strong writing. Funny.

6. Keith Beats.
No reasons necessary.