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Thursday, November 12th, 2009

The next time someone asks me why I think BMX is rad. I will point them here and direct their eyes to the first image. That is BMX.

After you are finished marveling at that picture, which will take some time (and deciding to purchase a 16″x24″ print for yours truly), browse the rest of the site. It’s nice. When you are satisfied with looking at all the good pictures, click here to read an interview with the photographer, Chris Hill-Scott . . . and then click here to see the contents of his camera bag.

I always have my phone on me, not that I really use it for photography. Other than that I’ve cut down to only having one camera, which I carry with me sometimes. Other times it’s fine to let the world pass by, acknowledging fully how elusory it all is.

I couldn’t agree more.