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More Steve Powers.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

So Dope.

Pen & Ink.

Monday, July 25th, 2011

It has been a really long time since I have drawn a band logo on a pencil case.

Zenga Family.

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Go Here.

Eccentrification Tour from Eccentrification Tour on Vimeo.

More of This.

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Flights of Genius by Stephen Powers from Jun Lee on Vimeo.

The Mountain.

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Incredible: everyone must see this! Can you spot the sandstorm? Watch in full screen, you won’t regret it:

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.


Friday, April 1st, 2011


Stuff dreams are made out of.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

This one comes from BoingBoing, who got it from Xanadoodle.

I think that any argument over whether this is art or not would be pointless.

For those situations when you just can’t stick around.

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Because I love bikes, street art and making things by hand.

More About Bikes.

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Alright, this will be the last post for a good while. We just finished up this project and couldn’t more pleased with how it turned out.

Get the full scoop here.


Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Ever see something funny like this and wonder, “I really wish I knew who was behind this hilarious public creation of art/vandalism”? Well, wonder no more!! For the current price tag of US $110,100.00 “jaybuysthings” is willing to tell you the truth! He says:

“If you win this auction I will mail you a piece of paper revealing the true identity of “Banksy”. I have uncovered his identity by matching up the prices of his sold pieces to corresponding tax records. I will reveal no more details. The winner of this auction is the only person I will ever share this information with. The piece of paper will say his name, nothing more. I give you 100% assurance that it is most certainly the full name of the street artist known as “Banksy”. Ebay previously ended this auction because I was selling something that was not “tangible”. It is now tangible”.

Place your bid here.

Fecal Face thinks that this might be another one of banksy’s stunts.

Two days sixteen hours left! Better jump on it!