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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

If the Good Lord has blessed you with a nice Tabletop. You will always have a nice Tabletop.

Darin Read Diamondback Web Teaser from brennen britton on Vimeo.

Bill Murray is Sweet.

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Jason Lee.

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010


Not the Jason Lee/Earl you may be thinking of, but this Jason Lee. He shoots photos. You might like them.

The Jason Lee you are thinking of, he shoots photos as well. Fecal Face posted an interview on the subject with him back in 2006. Read it here.

Six Pack Attack.

Monday, March 29th, 2010

6 pack attack

There are virtually no reasons why you shouldn’t own one of these. Click here. Scroll down.

Predicting The Future. Follow-up.

Monday, March 29th, 2010

While I did work until 6-ish, I did not get out and ride bikes. I did not go to the show, since I ended up doing other things. I did, however, make some delicious nutritional decisions. Mel, myself and The Vyns ate dinner at Reggie’s in East City. Reggie’s.

I did have breakfast with the usual dudes at the usual spot. It was nice and good.

I did get out and ride bikes with Bruuks. We had a brush with death and rode off into the cold. It’s a good story, but at the time our collective hearts skipped a beat or two.

Small project? I spent the smallest amount of time possible with it, but I think even that still counts a wee bit.

My last hockey game of the year was canceled. Good news, actually.

Saturday Night Live was a repeat which I had already previously watched. Jon Hamm hosted, and if I recall he was pretty good. Either way, I didn’t watch it. Instead, Mel and I caught up on a couple of Parks and Rec episodes.

Slept in? Yes.

Coffee, breakfast, paper? Yes.

Bicycle Riding? Yes.

Internetted about? Bigtime.

Finished reading Maus? Yes.

B Tynes birthday? Yes.

Friday With Bruuks. Metal Plates.

Friday, March 26th, 2010

*Friday With Bruuks is a regular weekly feature. Written by David Bruuks and posted on Fridays. This is the latest one. Tell 100 Friends.

This week I entered “Should I have these metal plates removed from my forearm?” in the Google Machine and a website popped up that exactly matched my query. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the Google, but I was.

My arm hurt this week. It’s starting to feel better now, but at the time I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with this and has dealt with it medically.

When I was 16, I sustained a severe injury to my arm doing something I shouldn’t have. This has resulted in ‘the story’. I was healed through the miracle of modern science by having two titanium plates screwed to the bones in my forearm, holding everything together. Every once in a while my arm hurts where the bone has healed and where the plates are installed. This week was one of those times. I don’t know if it was the change in the weather, or a slight shift in the polarity of the earth’s magnetic field.

One of the most reassuring posts to the question on the website was this one:

“My father has a couple screws in his ankle from an hyper-competitive bar-league softball incident. Anyway, he left them in and has never had problems — physical or with metal detectors.” posted by mullacc at 9:02 PM on September 19, 2005

I’ve flown many times with this metal in my arm, and it has never caused a problem with security. I did once have to enter a nuclear research facility for work, and it set of some sensors. The security guard called the other guards over to ‘show off’ my arm and the noises that emanated from the magic wand that he waved over it.

Aside from having an awesome story, and some savage scars on my arm, there has been no real felt benefit to having a partially bionic arm. I have no wolverine-like powers. I am unable to arm wrestle with my left arm. I have a fear of MRI machines. And I have a deep, unexplainable desire in my core to protect someone whose name is John Connor.

Predicting The Future.

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I am going to do my best job at predicting what I will be up to this weekend. I’ll measure these predictions against reality on Monday morning. Trust me. It ain’t glamorous.

Easy. I will work most of the day. After work I am telling myself I will go and ride my bicycle, nothing huge, but a nice route with some hills. The trouble is, the present temperature. While sunny and clear, it is -8 degrees. -15 with wind chill. My morning bicycle commute was less than inviting. Maybe I will stick indoors on the trainer — but it’s tough to do that when the roads are dry and the sun is out.

There is a show tonight with some local bands, who I believe to be killer. I will probably go, but I will spend most of the day deciding not to go. By the time 11pm rolls around, I’ll probably go. I am a loose cannon.



Thursday, March 25th, 2010


This working for a living thing is putting a real damper on regular posting this week.

Over the last couple of months I believe I have done a swell job laying low on the Douglas Coupland fanboy-isms . . . so I am going to let it fly right here:

Douglas Coupland has a new book about Marshall McLuhan which is part of Penguin’s Extraordinary Canadians series. It has already been said — but if there is one notable Canadian author who should be writing about Marshall McLuhan, it is Douglas Coupland.

Macleans magazine has an excerpt for your reading pleasure here.

Some other random Coupland notes I could offer:

+ I was in a local used cd/dvd emporium with Vyn over the weekend. They had the first and only season of the CBC produced series, JPod. $14.99. I didn’t buy it. I watched this show, with a group of assembled individuals, in my basement every week when it originally aired . . . I caught all episodes with the exception of the last two.

Rick has the series on dvd, so I’m planning to borrow it from him one day and bring closure to that chapter in my life.

+ After not buying JPod on Saturday, I went by the local library and checked out the newly minted, revised edition of Coupland’s City of Glass. City of Glass is a fun, visual meandering of Coupland talking about his favorite city — Vancouver.

+ Last night I talked to Vyn about Generation A. He just finished reading it.

+ Done.

Monday Magic.

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I own a store-bought copy of this on VHS (Video Home System).

“Get his stick away from him, Deaner!”

Maps and Maps.

Monday, March 22nd, 2010


If you are into complex linocuts of city maps made up of words — as one rightfully should be — Then you need to click here.

While I am biased toward the Lowlands, the Paris one is bananas.