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Friday, February 26th, 2010


Finding this diagram on the internet has helped answer questions a few of us had at work today.

Friday With Bruuks. Hurry. Hurry. Hard.

Friday, February 26th, 2010


*Friday With Bruuks is a regular weekly feature. Written by David Bruuks and posted on Fridays. This is the latest one. Tell 100 Friends.

I think I’m a bigger fan of the Winter Olympics than the Summer Olympics. I find that the sports are a lot more practical, and clearly routed in the day to day lives of people who live in places where it actually snows at some point in the year. If I were to poll my friends, family and acquaintances, I’m sure that at least 9 out of 10 of them have needed to cross country ski with a rifle on their back several times in their lives. Sometimes you need to stand to fire your weapon, and sometimes you need to duck under the branches of an evergreen, and fire from the prone position.

Hockey is probably my favourite of the olympic sports to watch – as a typical game will last for more than a few hours. But, I can watch hockey nearly every day, so it’s not that special. I really get a kick out watching the sliding sports. I think skeleton is just nuts. Which explains why someone like Jon Montgomery is perfectly suited for it. It’s about as close to flinging yourself down a hill headfirst on a crazy carpet as you can get. Bobsleigh is the GT Racing equivalent.

My dutch heritage dictates that I must watch every single event involving skating and speed, particularly the long track. Short track is fun, about as close to non-contact roller derby on ice as you can get. Long track is just impressive. Grace, consistency, power, speed. Dutch.

For all of human existance, men, women, boys and girls have been throwing objects at other objects. It is impossible to walk along a beach and not toss rocks into the water — or if properly shaped, to skipping them along the surface. We invent games, trying to see who can throw one object closer to another. Bocce ball. Golf. Paper toss (there’s an app for that). I think when I watch curling, my inner caveman cheers.

I’ve never officially played a game of curling. I’ve never been involved in a Bonspiel. I’ve never swept the ice with a broom while someone else yells “Hurry!! Hurry Hard!!”. I’ve never stuck one to the button, or peeled away a corner guard, or tripped over the hog line. But, last winter while hiking with a good friend, we made our own set of curling rings, and tossed some rocks. I won gold. It was awesome.

Ed. Note: This is requisite viewing.


Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Browsing through some old digital snaps, I spotted this.

This picture is nearly 4 years old.

While I may be standing just inside the walls of Canada’s oldest city, I seem to have fixed my gaze on the rider in the full Francaise des Jeux Team Kit.

Quebec Bike


Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I am not ruling out Barber School as a life option. Not a joke — but a retirement plan.

Picture 25


Los Angeles.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Picture 24

I have not been to the Western Coast of the United States. Everything I know about the streets of L.A. comes from reading the Motley Crue Autobiography and watching Skate Videos.

There is a great post on American Suburb X featuring John Humble’s photographs of Los Angeles. They are wonderful.

View the American Suburb X post here.

View John Humble’s Website Here. The site is a little jangly, but well worth the time spent sifting through the photos.


Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Save for the last couple of years, BMX bicycles have consumed my life. One thing you learn quickly about riding a little kids bike is they are pretty horrible when you actually need to commute from point A to point B.

If you ride a BMX bike as your sole mode of transportation you probably wouldn’t mind some options if you want to get to spots which are far away from your house.

To get to those spots that are somewhat local, and you can’t grab a ride or catch a bus across town. You should carry a wrench, an oversized messenger bag and do what this guy does:

Bridging the Gap Vol.1 from Joseph Lobato on Vimeo.

Now, if you want to ride some spots that are much further away from your house. Do what these guys do: Attach your BMX bike to another bike. This serves a dual purpose, as the attached BMX bike can serve as a trailer for your sleeping bag and tent.

The Good Things. Work Neighbourhood.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

In the first Friday with Bruuks post, David Breukelaar wrote an inspired piece about the neighbourhood we both work in. We work one street apart, in the Warehouse District.

On our side of the street, we sit in front of computers and make things look nice. On his side of the street, they figure out ways to make air and electricity flow effortlessly through structurally sound buildings — I am sure there is more to it than that, but I can’t keep up with the Engineering Jargon Bruuks is always spouting. (He never does that)

Sure, our work neighbourhood may have a few deceased bodies, arsonists, drug activity, and the odd vehicle propped up on rocks — but there are some good things about it as well (like the Vanderherbergs). Here is an expanded list:

Industrial History
While I am not usually one to get nostalgic about turn of the century factories . . . there is a certain romanticism about the era, isn’t there? A walking tour of the Warehouse District may not impact you the same way a certain Michael Ondaatje novel might. But there is something to the history here. While General Electric remains a large part of our community, the spread of it back then was massive.

Heck, the building where our studio is located used to make Shovels in 1902. Shovel Plant.

The Third Space
The Third Space continues to do some really great things in the community . . . Rick and the rest of the folks are awesome. I’m glad they are doing what they are doing.

B!ke: The Peterborough Community Bike Shop
Located in the basement of The Third Space, these classy individuals are committed to offering the community a place to repair, learn about, and talk about bicycles. It’s a big deal. This is the exact thing which needs to exist in our neighbourhood.

Dreams of Beans Roasting House
Seriously, they roast coffee beans right around the corner.

The Sign at Lakeview Bowl
Forget about the bowling, the sign is awesome. You don’t see signs like that very often, I am talking about the smaller one overtop of the actual bowling alley entrance, not the huge one on top of The Bargain Shop. The interior of this bowling alley is a pleasant throwback as well. They will also make you a White Russian. “Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling”

Red Dog Lunch Spot
Let’s be clear. The Red Dog Lunch Spot is mostly terrible, but at the same time, it is so darn awesome. I can’t figure it out either.

Taste of India
Everything on the menu is delicious.

You’ll have to ask my friend Rob about the history of the Rail Lines in this area . . . As he knows a lot about them. We have at least 100 different Rail Lines flanking either side of the studio. If you are a train nut (like Rob) you would be super giddy with all the slow motion trains milling about.

This has been our lunch spot of choice for a good long while. We don’t go everyday, but we certainly hit it up at least once a week (if not more, but we are trying to keep it from getting out of hand). Each one of us, Bruuks, Andy and Myself could easily order for the other — we have that much consistency.

We even stare down a rival gang. Some engineers from GE are often on the same lunch schedule . . . we treat each other as if we are in the prison cafeteria. They have their table, we have ours. Everyone knows their boundaries. I’m sure one day we will all be friends, but Bruuks and I won’t be the ones to break the ice. That much I know. I am positive we could take them if it came to a donnybrook.

This nonsense keeps our immature selves amused to no end.

Train Trip.

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I always feel the need to offer a disclaimer before I post anything like this up so here it is: Even if you have no interest in BMX bicycles, there is a good chance you will still like it.

Six weeks, 1 regular sized back pack for each of the 2 of us, 1 super 8mm camera, 1 DV video camera, 1 35mm film photo camera, 2 bmx bikes, $400 in train tickets each = 1 amazing adventure. We had the most basic of plans . . . Leave Malaga, Spain by train, and arrive in Prague (Czech Republic) six weeks later. No day was ever mapped out before hand. We’d take a train to a new city, leave the station upon arrival, and see what we could get into. Some cities we stayed for days, others just over night. “Chance” and “Wonder” were our co-pilots. Exploration and adventure go hand in hand, add in our loose schedule and we had ourselves one amazing journey . . . .

Train Trip from joe rich on Vimeo.

Hockey Scores.

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Remember how Canada’s Women’s Hockey team played Slovakia in their opening game of the Olympic tournament and won 18 – 0?

That is nothing compared to how many goals Slovaki scored against Bulgaria in a pre-Olympic qualifier. This is nuts. I thought it was a prank. An elaborate prank.

Now You Know.

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Picture 22

In some circles (but not many) this is important.